Carriers transport all type of goods by truck

Seamless transport of goods from or to non-EU countries

The world of transport and logistics service providers is competitive. The margins are small. As far as possible, you want to avoid additional costs and delays. To ship customers’ consignments, you are fortunately familiar with the most efficient routes from A to B. In practice, however, it is difficult to shift gear flexibly when the process is disrupted. Customs formalities, different laws and regulations between the European Union and third countries, import duties, taxes and excise duties that have to be paid … All aspects that make your work as a carrier particularly complex.

At Gaston Schul we fully understand that. We are a full-service customs agent. Top-notch when it comes to customs matters, impartial in our work. Every day, we support global and national carriers and logistics service providers with their European customs matters. Amongst customs agents, we are known as one of Europe’s leading customs specialists. There will no longer be a lack of knowledge and advice in relation to customs and international trade.

Reliable customs clearance

The effect of customs declarations on logistics costs is negligible, but the risks of a delay a significant. Gaston Schul can help you, as a carrier, with conducting business in a reliable manner on an international level. Bans and restrictions in relation to the import and export of goods are changing all the time. Our customs specialists know which country-specific documentation you require and which additional customs requirements you must satisfy. They will make sure that you will receive the correct classification of goods (also known as an HS code or TARIC code) for correct processing of the import, export or transit declarations. It is for good reason that we have the Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO status) in all countries in which we are established.

Fewer errors and lower costs through data exchange

Logistics are heavily dependent on data. Gaston Schul possesses the (technical) knowledge and resources to enable your supply chain to communicate with digital customs processes. And that is useful for companies that regularly export or import the same goods and submit declarations. Together we can build an infrastructure that guarantees a fully digital flow of information. Error-free and without needless duplicated actions. Resulting in a shorter lead-time, more reliable supply chain and higher bottom line result for you.

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