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Training export controls

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Stay on top of export controls and know what factors to keep in mind


Export controls, dual-use goods, sanctions and export licences. These terms play an increasingly important role in international trade. Commercial policy has become a weapon and, at the same time, a means of defence. Without knowledge of these matters, your company is at a significant risk. In this training course, you learn how to check a business transaction with a country and make sure that the goods that you export meet the existing rules and licence requirements. You will also receive a helping hand to integrate export controls into your organisation’s customs processes. This will ensure that you remain in control.

For whom?

These in-house training courses are for:
employees who are interested in/deal with customs matters and international trade. These are usually commercial employees, Assistant Declarants, Declarants and employees with practical experience who operate at least at senior secondary vocational level.

*This training course lasts for half a day.

Tailored to your organisation

Are you looking for a training course about customs/international trade for an in-house programme? Or would you like to speak to one of our experts about the learning opportunities for your organisation? Our advisors would be happy to assist you: academy@gaston-schul.com.