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Training rules of origin

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Reduction of or exemption from customs duties with the correct certificates and origin declarations


Import duties increase the price of products. Fortunately, many countries have reached agreements between one another about these duties and a reduction of or even exemption from import duties applies. In this case, you will require the correct documents and/or certificates to prove the origin or provenance. In this training course, we deal with the most common certificates and origin declarations, such as EUR.1 and Certificate of Origin. Afterwards, you will understand the benefits for your business operations, which legislation you should take into account and how it works in day-to-day practice.

For whom?

These in-house training courses are for:
employees who are interested in/deal with customs matters and international trade. These are usually commercial employees, Assistant Declarants, Declarants and employees with practical experience who operate at least at senior secondary vocational level.

*This training course lasts for half a day.

Tailored to your organisation

Are you looking for a training course about customs/international trade for an in-house programme? Or would you like to speak to one of our experts about the learning opportunities for your organisation? Our advisors would be happy to assist you: academy@gaston-schul.com.