Request a phytosanitary or veterinary certificate for export

Do you plan to export plants or animals to a country outside of the European Union? It is very likely that additional export documents, permits or inspections will be required. For example, for horticulture you require a phytosanitary certificate. In this certificate, the national authorities (in the Netherlands that is the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority – the NVWA) state that the plants, flowers, or trees that you export must be healthy and not have any diseases, including fungal diseases. A phytosanitary certificate is not always required. That depends on the type(s) of goods in your consignment and the country of destination. The NVWA keeps records of this in an Export Country Overview. For living animals and animal products, a veterinary export certificate is often compulsory. This certificate is issued based on inspections performed, prior to export, on the product to be dispatched.

Gaston Schul’s customs specialists are able to outline precisely which customs formalities you have to take into account, they can help you to request phytosanitary or veterinary certificates and take care of the export declaration. That is ensuring certainty in customs matters.

Plus phytosanitary and veterinary inspections when importing goods from outside of the EU

Do you import plants, vegetables, fruit or plant materials or living animals or animal products into the European Union? The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) checks these animals and products upon entry to the country. This takes place in cooperation with the Customs Authorities. In the majority of cases, checks take place at the border with the EU. Gaston Schul’s customs specialists are fully conversant with the procedures and will assist you with hassle-free importation of goods.