Storage in a customs bonded warehouse

A free movement of goods applies within the European Union (EU). When importing goods from a country outside of the EU, there is an option to store these goods under customs control. You avoid having to pay import duties (and other taxes). Import restrictions and other trade policy measures equally do not apply at that point in time. That gives you a competitive advantage and a higher profit margin. This is because the goods often leave the EU again to be sold in other parts of the world, or you do not clear the goods until a time that suits you best.

A customs entrepôt as an economically beneficial distribution centre.

Non-EU goods (also known as non-Community goods) can be stored for an indefinite period in a customs warehouse, for example, in your own distribution warehouse. To be able to utilise the financial advantages offered by a customs warehou, you require a licence. The customs advisors at Gaston Schul can help you with every step of the licence application process for a customs bonded warehouse. That is because stringent requirements apply to the physical storage space and the necessary customs knowledge is required from the company.

Keep faultless records

Managing a private customs bonded warehouse entails a hefty administrative burden. Stringent control procedures apply to both incoming and outgoing goods, i.e. goods that arrive at and leave the customs warehouse. After all, non-EU goods are monitored closely by the Customs Authorities. The administration of an warehouse therefore plays a significant role in the monitoring of the scheme by the Customs Authorities. Thus, all incoming and outgoing goods must immediately be entered in the records. Gaston Schul’s customs specialists are specialised in handling the administrative side of customs warehouse operations. You can leave your administration to us with confidence.

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