VAT payments and reclaims when conducting business on an international level through tax representation.

Importing goods can seriously erode a company’s cash flow. That is because import VAT has to be paid on goods imported into the EU. When goods are imported into e.g. the Netherlands, you pay Dutch VAT. With an article 23 licence you are given deferment of import VAT until the periodic VAT return, which can generate significant additional financial capacity.

Gaston Schul can assist you with

  • Complying with administrative obligations in relation to VAT legislation
  • Keeping VAT records
  • (International) VAT consulting
  • Training sessions in VAT in relation to logistics and international trade

No Dutch VAT number, yet still wish to utilise the tax advantages?

Do you import goods that enter the EU via the Netherlands or Belgium, but you are not established there? If so, you are not able to apply for an article 23 licence (for the Netherlands) or ET 14000 licence (for Belgium) yourself. Gaston Schul is, however, allowed to represent you as a tax representative and take over the VAT liability from you. We have the licences for general and limited tax representative in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can therefore also utilise the tax advantages.

We will make sure that your VAT return is filed on time, keep full records and file the intra-Community transactions declaration and statistics declaration (Intrastat) with Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Reducing the burden of your administrative tasks

It is important to keep proper records. The invoices that have been issued, the origin and destination of the goods, how many intra-community acquisitions have been performed and how much VAT is owed by the foreign company. Our VAT team has proven to be expert in performing your administrative obligations so that you don’t have to worry about VAT liabilities.

Would you like to utilise the advantages brought about by tax representation? If so, contact one of our VAT specialists.

Tax representation with limited licence

In the event of limited tax representation, Gaston Schul will take over the VAT obligations from you. In that case, we would be responsible and liable for the import VAT. Once the import declaration has been made, the goods can be transported to their destination elsewhere in Europe. You therefore do not have to open a local branch to ensure the logistics chain is reliable.

Tax representation with general licence

In the event of general limited tax representation, Gaston Schul acts on behalf of the foreign company for all supplies on which VAT is due in the Netherlands or Belgium.

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