Customs data exchange

Logistics are heavily dependent on the exchange of information. We prefer to share information with all relevant parties in the chain, to reduce the risk of errors and to ensure that everything dovetails seamlessly. The Customs Authorities also works towards a situation in which data are processed in real-time. Using a Union Customs Code (UCC), the aim is even to achieve a paperless and fully automated operating customs union.

Gaston Schul possesses the knowledge and resources to enable your supply chain to communicate with digital customs processes. And that is useful for companies that regularly export or import the same goods and submit declarations. Together we can build an infrastructure that guarantees a fully digital flow of information. Error-free and without needless duplicated actions. Resulting in a shorter lead-time, more reliable supply chain and higher bottom line result for you.

A tailor-made approach and more.

If you have numerous consignments every week for which customs documents are required, we would be able to help you with a tailor-made solution. Together we can increase the efficiency and speed of your customs clearances. Thanks to our IT specialists, automated data exchange is simple and safe. Your ERP system or warehouse software can easily be connected to our e-customs system.