Compass Customs will continue under the name Gaston Schul Customs

After more than 25 years, Germany-based customs service provider Compass Customs will continue operations under the name Gaston Schul Customs. The company announced this today at the Transport Logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. The name change stems from the merger with Gaston Schul in March 2015. As from 1 January 2020, we will operate under one name: Gaston Schul.

In recent years, the two companies have jointly built up a strong presence in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. “Not everybody will realise that the two companies have belonged to the same group for almost 5 years. Having the same name and branding will make it clearer to customers what we stand for and what our ambitions are. This goes beyond conducting customs clearance activities”, says CEO Rob Ewalds. “We believe it is important that we improve communication about our ambitions. The sector is on the move and we are responding to that through the services we offer. Working smarter where necessary and taking an innovative approach where possible. That is what Gaston Schul stands for.”

Apart from the name, nothing will change for customers of Compass Customs. The same staff are ready to assist customers with customs-related matters which may or may not be complex in nature. The services we offer will simply become more transparent: Your compass through customs. Over the next few months, work will take place on the rebranding and all relevant parties will be informed. The name change forms part of Gaston Schul’s transition, the aim of which is focussed innovation, thereby handing over more control to parties in the value chain.