Customs Control

If you are looking for seamless cross border customs clearance services, import and export security filings and compliance management, Gaston Schul Group can provide you with the services and know-how to keep your freight moving. We have the operational customs know-how and expertise to help you navigate the ever-changing maze of customs brokerage and compliance. Using our e-customs system, our team of professionals can prepare and submit your customs entry or declaration quickly and accurately, anywhere by approval of customs. Enabling your freight to move forward, without delay.

Gaston Schul Group can help you with:

IMPORT (import declarations)
When you are importing goods which are entering the customs territory of the EU, then you must submit an import declaration to Customs. Making the import declaration and the procedure to be followed goes through the electronic declaration system (AGS) of Customs.   

EXPORT (export declarations)
Are goods leaving the customs territory of the European Union? If so, you must submit an export declaration to Customs. We will provide you with the right documents for your export declaration.

TRANSIT (transit declarations)
Do you want to transport goods from a country outside the EU into the EU? This is allowed under Customs supervision. You then make use of the customs transit procedure. Sometimes you must also apply the customs transit procedure for goods that are already circulating freely in the EU.

A Certificate of Origin - or EUR1 Document - can serve as proof of European origin. Applications for Certificates of Origin must be made digitally at the Chamber of Commerce. Save valuable time and costs: we know the procedures and requirements for a speedy, successful application. Gaston Schul Group takes care of your complete paperwork in relation to the certificates of origin.

Do you worry about whether your goods are in safe hands? Choose for Gaston Schul Group and choose for your peace of mind. Our customs warehouses offer a secure environment for your goods.

Gaston Schul Group offers made-to-measure services from modern warehouses in Venlo, Meer and Emmerich, or else at the location of your choice. We hold all necessary customs permits and licenses. In addition, we also hold an AGP license for goods under suspension of payment of VAT and duties. Have you got your own customs warehouse license? Take a look at the various customs warehouse possibilities which we can offer you.

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