Customs entrepot

The Gaston Schul Group can provide several services when you have your own permit customs warehouse. We would like to give you the right information about the possibilities concerning inward and outward processes of customs warehouses. 

On arrival of customs goods at your company you notify Gaston Schul Group. We, in our turn, notify customs using our e-customs system and ensure you get permission to unload as soon as this is available. This means you can start unloading immediately, while we take care of full document clearance.

Gaston Schul Group offers this service as Authorized Consignee.

If you want to ship goods stored in your warehouse under customs supervision, you can do so in various ways. Simply notify us how you intend to ship or forward the goods.

  • Goods shipped as customs goods (Transit) - If goods are in transit only, we can take care of the required electronic declaration to customs through NCTS. The covering document known as the Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) is sent to you by e-mail for printing. Gaston Schul Group offers this service as Authorized Consignor.
  • Goods cleared in - If goods need to be cleared in from your warehouse, we can take care of a customs declaration in our e-customs system. On completion of the clearance procedure, we will send the cleared customs documentation upon request. You can use either the T document or clearance certificate to ship the relevant goods out of your customs warehouse.

Customs warehouse licensing - If you do not have a customs warehouse license, we can help you acquire one or find another fitting solution for your customs related issues.

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