Import (declarations)

We can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits, certificates or licenses. Here’s how.

At one of our offices
Drop off your goods at one of our offices. Based on your requirements, we can clear your goods directly through customs. Once cleared, your goods will be forwarded immediately and we can provide you with the cleared customs documentation.

From your office, other location or customs warehouse
Gaston Schul Group is notified of the arrival of your customs goods and takes care of customs clearance. You are notified immediately if unloading can begin, or not. We can provide you with the cleared customs documentation. In case customs wants to carry out a physical check, they will do so at the relevant address.
If your goods are stored in a customs warehouse or have been shipped to an air- or seaport, we can take care of customs clearance into the EU. Once your goods have been cleared, you can have them forwarded to the address of your choice and they can then be traded on the market.

Entry of goods into the EU can be subject to any one of the following taxes:

  • Import duties
  • VAT
  • Excise duties
  • Consumer taxes
  • Anti-dumping levies
  • Agricultural levies

The amount of any one of these taxes depends on the type of product and the country of origin.

Do you want to know more?
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