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Education and training
As customs advisors and lawyers, we offer a range of training courses. You can think of general (awareness) training for large groups of, for example, customs department staff, but also specific in-house customized training courses.

Awareness training
Recently we have established our very own customs academy. Being one of the largest independent customs forwarding companies in this specific field of service, our aim is to be the one-stop-shop customs and trade advisory. We wish to also share our 150 years of experience in training and education with our clients. Within our academy we train both our own employees and external parties. The academy has recently launched a customs awareness training. The sessions of this particular training can be tailor made to fit your demands. However, they include topics such as customs declarations, classification, valuation, origin, non-fiscal tasks, customs re-assessments and formalities regarding appeal-procedures. The awareness training will enhance the overall knowledge and know-how of your staff. The training of staff is also a requirement for authorized economic operator (AEO) purposes.

As an AEO license holder you must meet training requirements. This is a legal requirement for AEO-licensed companies.This means that your customs staff must keep abreast of all relevant developments in the area of legislation, jurisprudence but also the operational reality of everyday life. This may not be necessary for other groups of employees, but there must be a basic understanding of AEO and the processes, procedures and monitoring that go with it. We have a lot of experience in all these areas and sub-areas and we are happy to offer you a tailor-made training solution for you.

Export control
Export controls, dual-use, sanctions and export licenses. You may have noticed that these terms play an increasingly important role in international trade. Commercial policy has become a weapon and a defense tool at the same time. Without knowledge of these issues you run a significant risk. We provide training for customs staff but also for commercial employees who are your operational practitioners  in the field. That is where the “in-control question” starts naturally.

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