Innovation Center

The world around us is constantly changing and especially fast. Thanks in part to technological developments and the internet, the world is constantly close and especially on the move. Logistics plays an essential role in these developments and in responding to opportunities and possibilities. A role that is always subject to change. The changes have an impact on logistics processes, the exchange of information, efficient and new business models. E-commerce is a good example of this. Also look at our GS Express possibilities where to give special attention to e-customs.

At Schiphol Zuidoost, the logistics heart of the airport, Gaston Schul has therefore opened the doors of its innovation center. Innovation is important not only for Gaston Schul as a company but for all parties involved in the logistics industry. New smart methods and techniques, unique collaborations and sharing of (digital) information offer efficient benefits and, above all, new possibilities.

In our innovation center we work, in co-creation, together with our clients, on pragmatic solutions and concepts with which we answer common issues. We are supported in this by partnerships with universities and colleges and also companies outside the logistics sector.

We work, in various forms, together with starting entrepreneurs (startups) and offer them knowledge and facilities in the development and acceleration of their and our companies. Such collaborations offer results in the short and long term. These collaborations are focused on insight, knowledge enrichment, operational experiences and financial results.

Topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, bigdata and process engineering are what occupies us. We experiment and develop and learn, especially from what has not been achieved.

For more information you are welcome for a cup of coffee in our innovation center at Schiphol (Columbus building, Folkstoneweg 6, Schiphol South East). We can be reached at +31 (0)20 7220730 or by mail at