Legal & Compliance Control

Are you looking for advice regarding import or export of your products? Did you receive a re-assessment? Do you have issues regarding compliance and/or AEO? Gaston Schul is the right partner for this. We have specialized customsadvisors that ca assist you. Our advisors/lawyers have a lot of experience in customs matters and work from an independent advisory firm within the Gaston Schul Group: Gaston Schul Legal & Compliance B.V. We would like to give you an overview of the services we offer.

In our consulting company Gaston Schul Legal & Compliance work experienced employees. They can be at your service with, for example, an invitation for payment or a tax penalty decision. If you receive a so-called Invitation for Payment (UTB) or have received a tax penalty decision, you must act quickly. Read more about what our legal specialists can do for you.

Besides our legal specialists, we have several employees who have specific knowledge about different areas. As a professional and experienced customs representative, we are happy to give you the right advice. Our years of experience in the customs branch often has to do with the following topics.

In these times of economic boom, we often hear: "I can not handle the work, I do not have enough people. I cannot handle to do the monitoring next to it. I am not in-control when it comes to customs". We can help you with a solution which suits you the best.

Do you want to know what the level of compliance of your customs organization is but do you have no audit possibilities? With a quick scan we offer the possibility to quickly provide insight into where the risks are and what you could implement in terms of improvements (quick wins). Here too, of course, in-control can prevent errors and thus save costs!

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