Re-assessment of import duties
You have received a so-called Invitation for Payment (UTB). This is the Dutch translation for re-assessment, euphemistically, you must pay within 10 days and deferment of payment is not granted. This can have far-reaching, if not crippling, effects on your business. Whether it concerns a dispute with regard to classification, customs value or origin (or anti dumping), Gaston Schul's advisers and lawyers have extensive experience with customs procedures, both in objection (reconsideration by customs authorities) and litigation before Dutch Courts. Handling of your customs matter is "in control" with us.

Tax penalty decision
Have you received a resolution or a tax penalty decision (fiscale strafbeschikking)? Then it is a matter of acting quickly. It concerns an (announced) criminal sanction against which you must oppose within 14 days. If you do not do this, then you acknowledge guilt and, in the worst case, will get a notice in the criminal record (a "criminal record"). So it is important to defend yourself! Also in this area Gaston Schul has specialists who can assist you during questioning and/or hearing. In that case, you are entitled to assistance from a lawyer. In this way, you are rightly in-control in this area too!

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