Shippers need to export and import goods from warehouse to a destination in Europe

Organising customs matters and conducting business on an international level in a carefree manner

A lot is involved in conducting business on an international level outside of the European Union (EU). In practice, when shipping goods it seems that there are more borders than initially apparent. You must make a customs declaration and pay taxes and import duties that are due. Political measures may also apply, which create barriers to international trade. In a global economy that revolves around speed and transparency, you don’t have the time to be the best at everything. Whatever type of shipper you are: manufacturer, wholesaler, importer or exporter.

At Gaston Schul we fully understand that. We are a full-service customs service provider. Top-notch when it comes to customs matters, impartial in our work. Every day, we support hundreds of small, medium and large shippers all around the world with their European customs matters. Amongst customs agents, we are known as one of Europe’s leading customs specialists.

Declaring goods to the Customs Authorities

Do you have a lot of or little experience with import and export? When you import goods from outside of the EU and if you export or transit goods to countries outside of the EU, we arrange the customs declaration on your behalf. The effect of a customs declaration on the logistics cost is negligible, whereas the risk of a delay is significant. Customs agent Gaston Schul has Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO status) to ensure that, for example, your goods pass through customs controls more easily, or that they are checked less often. This is how we help you, as a shipper, with conducting business in a reliable manner on an international level.

Never pay excessive import duties

Customs law and legislation can affect your international trade differently every single day. Consider the global consequences of the trade war between China and the United States (US), upcoming Brexit, and changes to export rules between the European Union (EU) and Japan. Our customs specialists make sure that you meet all customs rules and, at the same time, fully exploit all customs opportunities. We will make sure that you never pay excessive import duties or VAT. In fact, we can actually arrange for the payment of import duties or VAT to be deferred or you may even avoid them completely.

Administration when doing business abroad

When importing from and exporting to non-EU countries, you will be faced with all sorts of administrative obligations. We can assist you with ensuring that your administration is properly structured; that is because these records form the basis of your VAT return. Would you like to conduct business in a totally carefree manner? Leave the administration to us and we will manage it on your behalf.

Building on reliable logistics chains

Smarter and more effective transport of freight flows are a prerequisite for being competitive. Our customs advisors and legal practitioners will help your organisation to transform into a company that understands customs processes, acts in a compliant manner, and knows how to make adjustments where necessary. Thanks to widespread automation, we can help you to develop your logistics chain into a reliable green lane: without needless delays and always with access to the latest information. That is certainty in customs matters.

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