New UK import controls come into effect on 30 April.

From 30 April 2024, medium risk sanitary and phytosanitary import products will be subject to documentary and risk-based identity and physical checks as part of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM).
New UK import controls come into effect on 30 April.

Sanitary and phytosanitary import products subject to new checks

The following products are covered by the checks:

  • Live animals
  • Animal products
  • Plants
  • Plant products
  • High-risk food
  • Feed of non-animal origin

Designated border control posts for sanitary and phytosanitary imports

If you trade any of the goods listed above that are subject to checks, you must ensure that they enter Great Britain through a designated border control post (BCP), previously known as border inspection post (BIP). These posts can be found at airports and ports, among others.

Existing checks of high-risk plants and plant products from the EU will also move to border control posts, where they were previously checked at Places of Destination (PoD’s).

Find your authorised border control post below:

How to prepare for the new import checks

In order to avoid delays or being charged additional fees you must do the following to prepare:

  1. Make sure you select a border control post that is designated to check the commodity of your shipment.
  2. Inform your selected border control post about your consignment prior to the check.
  3. Ensure you can provide the requested documentation.

Simplification of imports from non-EU countries

British customs will also begin to simplify imports from non-EU countries. The health certification and routine checks on low-risk animal products, plants and plant products from non-EU countries will be removed and physical and identity check levels on medium-risk animal products from non-EU countries will be reduced.

Final phase of BTOM

The final phase will begin on 31 October 2024 with new safety and security declarations and reduced dataset requirements aimed at streamlining and removing duplication across different pre-arrival and customs datasets. Further details will follow by then and will be shared on our website.

Need help with the new UK import controls?

You can find the full BTOM report here for more information. If you have any further questions about the new import regulations and want to ensure compliance with the new rules, our Consultancy & Advisory services can help align your business operations with regulatory requirements. Please contact our customs experts at for assistance navigating these changes.