Export declarations move from CHIEF to CDS.

Export declarations are now live through CDS. From Tuesday 04 June 2024, CHIEF will close for new export declarations and CDS will become the UK’s single customs platform. After this date users will need to submit declarations through CDS instead of CHIEF.
Export declarations move from CHIEF to CDS.

Register for CDS

Exporters not yet registered for CDS must register now, while those already registered for CDS imports do not need to take any further registration steps for exports.

To register for CDS, you need the following details:

  • A Government Gateway user ID
  • GB EORI number
  • Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)
  • The address of your business that is hold in the customs records
  • National Insurance number if you’re an individual or sole trader
  • The date you started your business

Register for the Customs Declaration System here and follow the steps.

Authorise and instruct your customs agent, Gaston Schul

Make sure you authorise Gaston Schul to act as your customs broker within CDS. You may also need to:

  • Use the CDS Finance Dashboard to set up, check or update which customs agents can use your accounts.
  • Instruct us about any changes to your preferred method of payment.
  • Let us know about the Incoterms, awareness for all values, location information, and nature of transaction information.

CDS training course

Gaston Schul’s Academy offers in-house and online training sessions tailored to your needs and knowledge level. Our CDS training course provides you with everything you need to know to successfully set up and use the Customs Declaration System. Learn from our customs experts and take the chance to ask questions one-on-one.

Interested in a CDS training course? Please contact sales.uk@gaston-schul.com for more information and bookings. 

Need help?

In case you have further questions or want assistance with the change to CDS, please contact sales.uk@gaston-schul.com. Our customs experts are ready to help you continue hassle-free trading.


I’m already registered for CDS for imports, do I need to register for exports?

No, if you’re already registered for CDS for imports, then no further registration is required.

I already have an EORI number, do I still need to apply for a GB EORI number?

Yes, you need a GB EORI number to register for CDS.

What will change in CDS?

All information will be stored on your financial dashboard. See the following link for examples of the reports available from HMRC. Click here.

Do you offer training courses on CDS?

Yes, we do offer CDS training courses through our Academy service. Please contact sales.uk@gaston-schul.com for further information and bookings.

What does the abbreviation ‘CDS’ stand for?

CDS stands for Customs Declaration System.

Why is CHIEF closing?

CHIEF is nearly 30 years old and its technology is outdated. CDS offers modern capabilities that can efficiently handle all declaration types and the full UK Trade Tariff. Using one unified customs system will streamline processes for traders, reduce costs for taxpayers, and allow border operations to be fit for the future. After three decades, it is time to upgrade.