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Tradeblox control tower

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Control over all customs activities from one central location

With a logistics control tower you have control over all of your customs activities and international trade, anywhere in the world. That is because, as supply chains (logistics chains) become more complicated, the need for coordination increases exponentially. Gaston Schul’s Tradeblox control tower provides you with this logistical freedom from one central location.

We create a robust infrastructure, in which shippers and carriers manage their business partners and where the key aims are compliance, speed and transparency. By linking together trade, customs and logistics services, we are able to digitise and standardise your global supply chain processes. This allows you to make real-time strategic decisions to optimise the flow of goods.

Tradeblox control tower can assist you with

  • Setting up transparent customs processes for the flow of goods across several countries
  • Everyday management of the logistic flows
  • Periodic analysis and reporting about the (financial) performance of the supply chain
  • Managing all of your logistic partners

Single point of contact

We can set up a control tower for your logistical operation, which enables you to monitor and coordinate the customs status of goods from anywhere in the world. We would adapt the exact services:

  • A single point of contact for all customs matters, so that you don’t have to communicate back and forth across borders
  • More added value by organising a more effective and more efficient supply chain between countries
  • Standardisation of customs processes to ensure they meet your needs and are in line with your procedures
  • A comprehensive overview of customs reports and quality measurements across the countries involved in the process and the provision of support

A reliable partner always to hand

The global industry is changing faster than ever. Every day opportunities arise for selling or manufacturing products on new markets. Gaston Schul helps your logistics operation to move forward in locations where you do not yet have partners. We have a local presence at the main logistics hubs in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and a strong European network. Other continents are also possible, such as North and South America, the Middle East and China. Our logistics control tower experts look for business partners who will make your supply chain as strong as possible. Contact us to discuss the options.