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Take back control by centralising your customs activities

A specialised customs control tower gives you the ability to manage and orchestrate your global customs activities with peace of mind. As your business grows, so does the complexity of your supply chain, and the need for specialist customs knowledge, centralised visibility, and resource. The Gaston Schul Control Tower provides you with certainty in customs matters, across borders. One Customs Partner, One Customs Solution!

We will create a bespoke, robust infrastructure, where the key deliverable is compliance, speed, and transparency. By linking together trade, customs, and logistics services, we can digitise and standardise your global supply chain processes, giving you the chance to make real-time strategic decisions to control the flow of your goods and have visibility on costs.

Single point of contact

Easily manage and monitor all your customs matters in one place.

Why our Control Tower?

Looking for the ideal management solution for your customs business? See if our Control Tower is right for your business.

Certainty in customs matters

Gaston Schul offers certainty in customs formalities.

Single point of contact

Our dedicated control tower allows you to monitor and control your global customs operations from anywhere in the world.

Our offering includes:

  • A single point of contact, which eliminates the need for communication with numerous countries and contacts.
  • Increased productivity within supply chain, with efficient communication between cross-border stakeholders
  • Standardisation of customs processes, ensuring they meet your needs and follow your preferred business procedures
  • A centralised comprehensive overview, in the form of customs reports and quality measurements, which encompasses the performance of all countries handled within the Gaston Schul Control Tower.

Is the Gaston Schul Control Tower right for your business?

The Gaston Schul customs control tower is the ideal management solution for:

  • Large, cross-border operators who value efficiency and visibility
  • Importers/exporters with customs clearance needs in multiple locations
  • Logistics service providers looking to streamline their customs operation
  • Freight forwarders who need flexible solutions
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A reliable partner always to help a hand

Who are we?

We are a leading edge, independent, European based, full-service, customs and trade provider, with a trusted global agent network who can facilitate flows across the globe, including North and South America, the Middle East and China.

With over 350 customs professionals and advisors, we are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Ireland and the United Kingdom. We focus on efficiency, customer satisfaction, and our customers’ needs to build long lasting partnerships.

Why Us?

With a heritage dating back to 1845, our experienced squads have the passion, knowledge, and IT solutions to navigate the complexities of the customs world and provide our customers with the right level of visibility, control, and certainty in customs matters.

Being a full-service customs provider, we can support you with all your customs and trade requirements varying from the execution of importexport, & transit declarations, to providing tax representation. We can offer bespoke customs training and consultancy services for you, all via a single point of contact.

Global trends are shifting faster than ever, and every day opportunities arise to do business with new markets. We will give you certainty in customs matters and guide

Contact us now to discuss how we can support you and your businesses cross-border operations!