Improve cash flow with customs warehousing.

Avoid paying duties at the time of import and achieve a higher profit margin with our customs-bonded warehouse service.

For a cost-effective storage solution, trust Gaston Schul

You don’t necessarily have to pay import duties at the border. Our customs experts can help you store goods under customs controls to avoid or delay duties and other taxes — and gain a competitive advantage as a result.

Our team of customs specialists can help you

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Make licence applications

We navigate the complex application process for obtaining a customs warehousing licence

Reduce administrative burdens

We handle all of the associated paperwork on your behalf

Ongoing transport requirements

We’ll take care of all export declarations if goods leave the country

Customs warehouse application process

The simple way to apply for a customs warehouse licence

Our team can help you take advantage of this tax benefit by supporting you with the Customs Warehouse application process and overseeing the entire process.

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Gaston Schul offers a comprehensive range of services as a full-service provider.

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Customs warehouse administration

The admin side of your customs warehouse operation is not yours to bear alone

Managing a private customs bonded warehouse entails a hefty administrative burden. Stringent control procedures apply to both incoming and outgoing goods, and the administration of a warehouse, therefore, plays a significant role in the monitoring of the scheme by the Customs Authorities.

But that burden is not yours to bear alone. Our customs experts are specialised in supporting our customers with the handling of the administrative side of customs warehouse operations — so you can lean on us with confidence.

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Consultancy & Advisory

Strengthen and improve your customs processes with our expert advice and services. We’ll help you seize new trading opportunities, transform your supply chain and guarantee compliance is at the forefront of every decision.

Digital Solutions

Transform your data with Gaston Schul’s Customs Data Exchange. We can build EDI and API-powered real-time data transfers that reduce errors, accelerate declarations and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

Control Tower

Coordinate and consolidate your global customs activities by utilising our Control Tower. Our end-to-end global customs management service makes it easy to manage and orchestrate your global customs activities from anywhere in the world.

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Customs Warehousing FAQs

How does a customs bonded warehouse work?

A customs bonded warehouse is a secure facility where imported goods can be stored without immediate payment of duties or taxes. Duties are only paid when goods leave the warehouse for domestic use. If the goods are re-exported, these charges are waived.

How long can you store goods in a bonded warehouse?

Goods can typically be stored in a bonded warehouse for an indefinite period, however this is dependent on your specific country's regulations. This period allows businesses to manage inventory and cash flow effectively, by delaying duty and VAT payments until goods are distributed domestically.

What do I need to receive a bonded warehouse authorisation?

Businesses must meet several criteria for bonded warehouse authorisation. This includes documented security protocols, controlled access and CCTV, approved storage facilities, detailed inventory management and record-keeping procedures, proven financial solvency and a history of customs compliance.