Upgrade your operations with our Consultancy & Advisory Services.

We provide expert advice on international customs matters, align business operations with regulatory compliance, and enhance your processes to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness now and in the future.

Discover and secure opportunities beyond your borders

There’s much more to clearing customs than filing import and export declarations. Our expert advice and services strengthen and improve your company’s entire customs and trade processes. We’ll help you identify and seize new trading opportunities, ensure your supply chain is working optimally and put compliance at the centre of every decision.

Give your customs process a clean bill of health

Give your customs process a clean bill of health

Our health check evaluates the extent to which your existing customs operations adhere to best practices. We conduct a thorough gap analysis to identify targeted improvements and work with you to implement changes in a timely manner.

This includes a gap analysis of staff training opportunities — which we can solve using the Gaston Schul Academy — and a technology evaluation, during which we assess where automation and other systems can streamline customs operations, reduce manual efforts, and enhance compliance.

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Never worry about compliance again

Never worry about compliance again

We ensure consistent compliance with prevailing customs legislation and procedures so you can enjoy a seamless global experience. But complying with regulations is only the beginning. Our experts look at how to optimise your processes in the following ways:

  • Customs Clearance Optimisation
  • Warehouse Optimisation
  • Process Enhancement
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Stay ahead of every regulatory change

Stay ahead of every regulatory change

Our team can keep your company abreast of any regulatory changes that may impact your operations and advise on how to adjust accordingly to maintain uninterrupted compliance.

We also look ahead into the future, anticipating and preparing for potential changes in tariffs, trade agreements and regulatory requirements. With Gaston Schul, future compliance is guaranteed.

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Objection and Appeal

Received a fine? We’ll help you appeal

The Customs Authorities aren’t always right. If your organisation is on the wrong end of a customs decision, our objection and appeal service is here to help.

Gaston Schul’s Customs & Trade Advisors can assist you with litigation in all customs matters. We are part of a network of renowned organisations in European customs law, national customs law and administrative law.

Gaston Schul

As well as AEO assistance, we received confidential advice enabling us to expand services and secure vital HMRC guarantees, this wouldn't have happened without Gaston Schul's consultants

Emma Atkins

Customers Manager, FF Customs & Logistics

Get Authorised with Gaston Schul

Our experts facilitate a range of customs-related authorisations and guarantees, and offer expert advice and support on various topics to help streamline and strengthen your global trade processes.

Gaston Schul Gaston Schul

AEO Certification

Receive guidance and support with the AEO application process to facilitate faster trade by reducing physical and document-based controls

Customs Warehouse

Enables the deferral of duty and VAT payments until goods are released to the market, significantly aiding cash flow management for businesses

Inward Processing (IP)

Allows for the suspension of duties and taxes on goods that are imported for processing, which can be re-exported without ever incurring import costs

Outward Processing (OP)

Permits the temporary export of goods for processing abroad with either full or partial relief from duties when they are re-imported

Deferment Account Authorisation

Offers the ability to postpone payment of import duties and VAT, helping businesses to better manage working capital and cash flow

Transit Guarantees

Provides assurance to customs authorities that all duties and taxes will be covered in transit, facilitating smoother cross-border transportation of goods

VAT Support

Assists businesses in understanding and complying with VAT regulations, ensuring they can reclaim VAT where applicable

Temporary Admission

Allows for the temporary importation of goods without paying duties. This is beneficial for items that will be re-exported within a specific timeframe and not consumed within the market

Classification Support

We can complete a full classification review service on your product database, providing you with the correct commodity (HS) codes to ensure you`re always paying the right amount of duty

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Assistance

Assisting businesses with the administrative and financial requirements concerning CBAM regulations

Sanction Advice

Providing support and advice for businesses with regards to sanctions and their impact on international trade.

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Consultancy & Advisory FAQs

I have an authorisation, can you revaluate? What do I have to do?

We will conduct an in-depth review of your current operations against the licence requirements, identify any gaps and recommend solutions to ensure and maintain compliance.

What do I need to get my Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) authorisation?

There are several criteria required for AEO authorisation, including compliance history, sufficient financial solvency, excellent record-keeping, documented security and safety standards, exceptional customs knowledge, and procedural controls.

We provide gap analysis and remediation advice to ensure your successful authorisation.

What do I need to receive a bonded warehouse authorisation?

There are several criteria required for bonded customs warehouse authorisation, including documented security protocols, controlled access and CCTV, approved storage facilities, detailed inventory management and record-keeping procedures, trained staff, proven financial solvency, and customs compliance history.

Our team will help you meet all of the criteria.