Simplify customs control with transit declarations.

We ensure businesses make the correct transit declaration and benefit from customs opportunities that strengthen their competitive advantage.

For the smooth transit of goods across Europe, trust Gaston Schul

We can facilitate the movement of goods that arrive from outside of the EU and assist them by navigating the borders of the continent and beyond, whilst remaining under customs control. From raising the correct transit declaration to arranging licences, and even reducing the amount of duty and VAT you are liable for, our customs experts support every step of your good’s journey.

Our team of transit specialists can help you

Gaston Schul Gaston Schul

Raise the correct transit declaration

We make arrangements for all T1 and T2 transit declarations

Arrange the discharge of transit documents

We’ll oversee the process to avoid delays

Examine original documents

We ensure all export documents are present and correct

Obtain T1 and T2 storage licences

We’ll arrange licences for the storage of T1 and T2 goods

Utilise available customs opportunities

We’ll suspend payments or, if applicable, avoid the payment of duties and VAT altogether

Guarantee compliance with EU rules and regulations

We ensure your goods can navigate border controls within the EU and beyond

T1 transit documents

Obtain a T1 transit document for the movement of goods across multiple borders

It’s not always easy to know exactly when you need a T1 transit document, but some instances include:

  • When you don’t know whether goods entering the EU will remain in the territory
  • When your goods enter a different EU member state, prior to their final destination
  • When goods enter the EU for storage under customs control
  • When outbound consignments are sent from your customs entrepôt
  • When goods are placed under bond between the port and the warehouse/destination

With Gaston Schul, you don’t need to worry about the requirements. Our knowledgeable team is here to help. We’ll explain the merits of a T1 document, request a licence for a customs entrepôt for those that need it, and submit declarations on your behalf. The result? You get certainty in customs matters.

Gaston Schul

The lack of knowledge from traders about border requirements can be difficult for us, so having an experienced, proactive customs agent like Gaston Schul is crucial nowadays.

Tony Wearing

Mammoet Ferry Transport, Company Secretary

T2 transit documents

Move goods through non-EU countries with a T2 transit document

The free movement of EU-origin goods only applies to countries within the European Union. As soon as goods transit through a non-EU country, like Switzerland or another EFTA country, a valid T2 transit document is required. Our team will help you:

  • Make a T2 transit declaration
  • File an accompanying export declaration when needed
Reduce import duty and VAT costs

We make sure you don’t overpay duties and VAT

You shouldn’t pay more than you have to. That’s why our European customs experts make use of every opportunity by using the customs transit procedure to defer the payment of import duties and VAT for an extended period — or in some instances, avoid paying it completely.

Learn how we can improve your transit processes

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Consultancy & Advisory

Strengthen and improve your customs processes with our expert advice and services. We’ll help you seize new trading opportunities, transform your supply chain and guarantee compliance is at the forefront of every decision.

Digital Solutions

Transform your data with Gaston Schul’s Customs Data Exchange. We can build EDI and API-powered real-time data transfers that reduce errors, accelerate declarations and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

Control Tower

Coordinate and consolidate your global customs activities by utilising our Control Tower. Our end-to-end global customs management service makes it easy to manage and orchestrate your global customs activities from anywhere in the world.

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Transit Declarations FAQs

What is a T1 transit document?

A T1 transit document is an EU customs procedure that can be used between the EU and Common Transit countries, which includes the UK. The document allows the movement of uncleared goods across international borders whilst delaying the need to pay for duties and submit customs declarations until they arrive at their final destination or are re-exported. This document also ensures that while the goods are in transit, they are under customs control.

What is a T2 transit document?

A T2 transit document is used within the European Union for the transit of goods that are in free circulation within the EU. This means the goods have either been produced in the EU or have been imported and all relevant customs duties and taxes have been paid. The T2 document facilitates the movement of these goods travelling via countries that are not part of the EU customs territory, such as Switzerland or Norway.