Reduce risk and automate processes with real-time data transfers.

Transform your data with Gaston Schul’s Customs Data Exchange. We can build EDI and API-powered real-time data transfers that reduce errors, accelerate declarations and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

Create a faster, more accurate and paperless supply chain

Digital declarations and processes are advancing the customs industry, which is why we are committed to using structured data to make your customs operations as digitised and automated as possible. We’ll reduce errors, risk and workload, all whilst remaining organised, compliant and efficient.

Why use the Customs Data Exchange?

Enable your supply chain to communicate with digital customs processes

Whether you import the same goods every week or have an inventory that is constantly changing, every business stands to benefit from building a paperless and fully automated operating customs environment. Use our pre-built customs data exchange solutions to get the following benefits:

  • Faster clearances with less delays at the border thanks to streamlined and organised processes
  • Reduction in cost and workload as a result of automation
  • Structured data and lower error rates due to fewer manual processes
  • A more sustainable approach using less paper, ink and energy
  • Future-proofed scalable cloud technology
Custom system integrations

Connect business-critical data sources to e-customs systems

Need something more advanced? If you ship multiple consignments every week, our team can build you tailor-made API and EDI integrations that connect all of your business-critical data sources (ERP systems, warehouse inventory software, and the like) to our own digital Gaston Schul Platform. Choose a custom digital solution to get:

  • Seamless data exchange between multiple systems
  • Enriched data flows from additional sources
  • Adapters to translate and map data into required formats
  • Secure third-party data connections
Customs Data Exchange

How to set up a Customs Data Exchange

Interested in going digital? Speak to our experts today to discuss the optimal solution for your existing internal infrastructure. We`ll guide you and your business through the transition, allowing you to advance from a time-consuming manual process to a simple and efficient digital customs environment.

Gaston Schul

Thanks to Gaston Schul's expertise and diligent attention to detail we have not had any customs compliance issues.

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