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Consulting services that strengthen your customs processes and international logistics chains.

Markets and rules are changing faster than ever. We have to adapt ever more frequently. That requires a partner that can change gear just as quickly and provide specialist advice. Gaston Schul Consulting will help you with any questions you may have about customs and international trade. Which trading opportunities do you see in the world? How do you seize those opportunities without being hindered by customs?

Our customs advisors and legal practitioners have the advisory capacity to help your organisation to advance from a strategic point of view. We combine our extensive knowledge of customs rules with directly applicable advice in order to develop reliable international commercial chains. That requires an in-depth understanding of the customer and logistic flows. That is why we continue where strategy ceases. Through the Gaston Schul Academy, we offer training programmes that focus on improving the quality of customs processes and limiting business risks. That starts with an employee who understands how customs laws and regulations work in practice.

Gaston Schul can assist you with

  • Advice relating to customs matters in international trade
  • Streamlined and cost-efficient customs processes
  • Legal advice and assistance with contracts and objections
  • In-house training about customs clearance and customs matters