EU-Kenya trade deal comes into force.

The economic partnership agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Kenya entered into force on Monday 1 July.
EU-Kenya trade deal comes into force.

A strong foundation for trade and growth

Kenya is the seventh-largest economy on the African continent and is East Africa's main economic hub. The EU is Kenya's second-largest trading partner and main export market. By fostering a more open and efficient trading environment, the EU-Kenya economic partnership agreement lays a strong foundation for mutual economic growth and a strengthened long-term partnership.

Key takeaways of the economic partnership agreement (EPA) between the EU and Kenya

These are the three key takeaways of the economic partnership agreement between the EU and Kenya:

  1. Kenya gets duty-free access for its exports to the EU.
  2. The EU opens its market gradually to Kenyan imports, protecting some EU industries.
  3. There's a commitment to work together to simplify customs procedures and reduce fraud.

Benefits of the EU-Kenya trade deal

The EU-Kenya economic partnership agreement is designed to be a mutually beneficial agreement that fosters economic development and strengthens ties between the two regions.

The main benefits include:

  • Increased trade: The deal aims to liberalise trade between the EU and Kenya. This means easier movement of goods with elimination of tariffs on Kenyan exports to the EU and gradual opening of the Kenyan market to EU goods.
  • Economic growth: By making trade easier, the economic partnership agreement is expected to stimulate economic growth in both Kenya and the EU. The EU market will be fully open for Kenyan products, increasing exports and therefore creating jobs and generating revenue. In addition, access to a wider range of goods from the EU can benefit Kenyan consumers and businesses and is beneficial for the EU market.
  • Increase investment flows: The agreement creates a more stable and predictable trade environment, attracting investment from the EU to Kenya. This investment can bolster Kenya's infrastructure development and create new business opportunities.
  • Sustainability: The EU-Kenya EPA is the most ambitious deal negotiated with an African country in terms of sustainability. It includes commitments from both sides on issues such as labour rights, gender equality, environmental protection and fighting climate change. This focus aims to ensure that economic growth happens alongside responsible practices.

More information on the EPA between the European Union and the Republic of Kenya

You can consult the following websites for more information on the EU-Kenya EPA:

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