Shaping the future of International Trade.

Last week our CEO, Rob, participated in a critical discussion with MKB-Nederland, focusing on the transport, mobility, and logistics sectors. This meeting was part of a broader initiative to draft the new Entrepreneurs' Agenda, a strategic document aimed at influencing future policies in these crucial areas.
Shaping the future of International Trade.

Entrepreneurs' Agenda: Shaping policy discourse

The Entrepreneurs' Agenda is more than just a policy document; it's a call to action for entrepreneurs to demonstrate how they can solve societal challenges through innovation and cooperation. It presents a unique opportunity for business leaders to engage directly with politicians in The Hague, advocating for sustainable solutions that can shape the future of international trade.

The call for partnership and sharing

During the meeting, Rob underscored the often-overlooked significance of Gaston Schul in the logistics chain. "Gaston Schul is the most underestimated link in the logistics chain, not only in the supply chain but also with the government and customs authorities. Parties should seek much more cooperation as partners ... dare to share." This approach is not just about improving business operations; it's about building a more efficient, transparent, and resilient supply chain that can withstand future challenges.

Looking ahead

As we continue to navigate the complexities of international trade, the insights and proposals from these discussions will be instrumental in guiding policy and operational changes. Gaston Schul remains committed to playing a leading role in this transformative journey, leveraging our expertise and networks to contribute to a more connected and sustainable world.

Photo credits: Jeroen van der Meyde