Updates on NCTS Phase 5 will come into effect in the UK on 1 July 2024.

From 1 July 2024, New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) Phase 5 will be implemented in the UK. Are you a NCTS user who moves goods using transit? Read more to find out what the implementation of NCTS5 means for your business.
Updates on NCTS Phase 5 will come into effect in the UK on 1 July 2024.

NCTS5: Important dates and functionalities

Upgrading to NCTS5 is mandatory for all Common Transit Convention (CTC) member countries. Starting 1 July 2024 UK transit declarations need to be submitted on NCTS5.

While NCTS5 offers improved features, some functionalities will not be available until all CTC countries are over to the new system. Here's a breakdown of the improvements that will not come into effect until 22nd January 2025:

  • Commodity code entry: Entering commodity codes in transit declarations becomes mandatory.
  • Multiple house consignments: Include up to 99 house consignments with 999 line items each in a single declaration.
  • Electronic Movement Reference Number (MRN): Eliminate paper Transit Accompanying Documents (TADs). The MRN can be stored electronically. The driver or person in charge of the goods must ensure they can provide the MRN when required.
  • Office of incident: Report incidents directly to customs offices while in transit, for real-time updates within NCTS5.

Implementation of NCTS5 and downtime

To ensure that the transition to NCTS5 in Northern Ireland and Great Britain takes place with minimal disruption for traders, planned downtime will be taking place on:

  • Friday 28 June 2024 for NCTS5 in Northern Ireland (XI)
  • Monday 1 July 2024 for NCTS5 in Great Britain

More information on the implementation of NCTS5 and the planned downtime can be found at the website of HMRC.

What does the implementation of NCTS5 mean for you as a customer?

From 1st July 2024 your transit declarations will be through NCTS5. Additionally, plan for the features coming in January 2025 to avoid any disruptions in your supply chain.

More information about NCTS5 in the UK

Do you want to learn more about the implementation of NCTS5 in the UK? Find more information and recent newsletters on the website of HMRC.

Do you have any further questions about the implementation of NCTS5 in the UK?

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