Local presence at the main logistics hubs and a strong European network.

Gaston Schul is a full-service customs and trade service provider. We support small, medium and large enterprises all around the world with their European customs matters. Amongst customs agents, we are known as one of Europe’s leading customs specialists.

Certainty in customs matters

We are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Every day over 350 customs specialists and advisors work onimportandexport,tax and customs mattersand (compliance)consultancy issues. Our focus: to unburden your company from all customs formalities and to exploit business opportunities in relation to international trade. With a clear objective, motivated people and an innovative approach. How do we do that? By working smarter where necessary and innovatively where possible.

Fewer delays and customs controls because of the AEO certificate

Attention to quality is a way of life within our organisation. In all countries in which we have branches, Gaston Schul holds the AEO authorisation Customs Simplifications (Authorised Economic Operator). These licences help us to facilitate your trade flows more effectively and guarantee certainty in the logistics chain.

Gaston Schul has held its current AEO certificate since 2010. Download our AEO certificate here.

175 years of experience, one strong brand

Gaston Schul is a proud family business. We have experience in the sector since 1845. That is why the world of logistics and international trade is in our blood. There have always been borders, but by combining the knowledge of various companies within the group, to this day we have made these borders disappear when doing business. It is for good reason that we consult with policymakers when the future of transport & logistics and international trade is being determined.

Over the years, Gaston Schul has built up a solid reputation that is synonymous with continuity, solidity and innovativeness. We combine this with the character of our local branches, where trust and personal involvement are of paramount importance.

Collaborating on innovations

At the Schiphol Zuidoost freight terminal, the logistical heart of the airport, Gaston Schul has opened the doors to its own innovation centre, the iCenter. Innovation is important, not only for Gaston Schul as an organisation, but also for all involved parties within the logistics sector.

In the innovation centre, we work in co-creation towards pragmatic solutions for complex problems. Supported by partnerships with universities and colleges, and companies outside of the logistics sector. We offer knowledge to start-ups and facilitate them in accelerating the development of both their and our companies.

Social programmes

Gaston Schul works with the Liliane Fonds (The Liliane Foundation) to contribute to a world in which children with disabilities participate and in which their lives have the highest achievable quality. Why? We believe it is important that people can make their dreams come true. For that reason, we support projects that make a difference, however small that might be.

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