Exporting abroad? Make an export declaration and avoid hassle (afterwards).

International trade provides opportunities for growth, but is also subject to (local) legislation. As soon as you export goods to a country outside of the EU, an export declaration has to be made to the Customs Authorities. The 0% VAT rate also applies. However, it has to be possible to demonstrate that the goods have actually left the EU.

Care-free export of goods.

We will ensure smooth processing of your export declaration. That is because we live in a world where trade agreements can change every day. Gaston Schul’s customs advisors will help to remove trade barriers and will make your logistics chain as reliable as possible. They will make sure that you will receive all the required documentation and classification of goods (also known as an HS code or TARIC code) for correct processing of your export declaration.

Gaston Schul can assist you with

  • Making the correct export declaration
  • Arranging additional export documents that you require
  • Checks by the Customs Authorities? We minimise delays
  • Questions relating to customs matters in international trade

Having the correct export documents.

Additional export documents may be required to get the goods into the country of destination without upheaval. Consider an EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate, or Certificate of Origin. We can request these export documents on your behalf directly from the Chamber of Commerce.

Avoid problems by reaching clear agreements in respect of transport.

On the basis of the ICC Incoterms®, make sure that you reach clear agreements about the terms and conditions of delivery and to which location you are responsible for transport. Do you usually apply the Ex Works (EXW) delivery condition? Be aware that the exporter established in the EU is responsible for the export declaration. Do you have a general question about the export of goods? One of our customs advisors would be happy to help make conducting business on an international level as easy as possible for you.

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