ATR document.

No import duties between the EU and Turkey with an ATR certificate.
ATR document.

The European Union (EU) has entered into trade agreements with many countries, including Turkey. You can therefore import the majority of goods from Turkey without import duties, provided you hold a valid ATR certificate. An ATR certificate is only valid for four months from the time it is issued by the Customs Authorities. That is why it is important that, within this period of time, an import declaration is made within the EU.

Do you export to Turkey? If so you would, of course, also like the buyer to benefit from an exemption from import duties. Gaston Schul’s customs specialists can easily arrange the export declaration and ATR certificate on your behalf. That is because, after completion, the certificate has to be validated by the Customs Authorities at the same time as the export declaration. Otherwise the entitlement to an exemption shall lapse.

Approved Exporter authorisation

Do you export frequently to Turkey? If so, request an Approved Exporter authorisation. When exporters export to Turkey, this authorisation allows them to issue ATR certificates, without these having to be validated by the Customs Authorities. Gaston Schul’s customs advisors would be happy to assist you with requesting an Approved Exporter authorisation.

Difference between provenance and origin

The words ‘provenance’ and ‘origin’ of goods are often used interchangeably. Nevertheless, they have different meanings. Particularly in the world of customs matters. ‘Provenance’ relates to the customs status of the goods. Are they Union goods (goods that are produced in the EU, or that have already been imported from a non-EU country) or non-Union goods (goods from non-EU countries)? ‘Origin’ refers to where a product is manufactured, produced or grown.

There are products that are subject to additional charges, despite the use of an ATR certificate. This applies, for example, to the majority of agricultural goods and some steel products. In that case, using an EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificate, a reduction in import duty can be obtained for these products. The products must then be of preferential origin. If that isn’t the case, the import is taxed at the import duty rate that applies to the import product. Gaston Schul’s customs advisors would be pleased to help you find your way around the world of customs matters.