Gaston Schul beats Brexit with opening 2nd office Felixstowe.

Brexit and Gaston Schul: The Next Level. Here at Gaston Schul, we’re very proud to communicate that we successfully delivered our promise of a post-Brexit seamless trade environment to our customers by offering a simple full-service solution.
Gaston Schul beats Brexit with opening 2nd office Felixstowe.

As we continue to embrace our customers’ needs, we also strive to focus on achieving our strategic direction and ambition of becoming the largest independent & full-service customs service provider, focusing on: Compliance, Consulting, Digitalisation, Innovation and Teamwork.

With our ambition in mind and moving to “the next level” Gaston Schul is extremely pleased to announce that we’ve expanded in the UK and have officially opened a new office based in Felixstowe – which is now open for business and ready to support our customers.

Our new highly knowledgeable and passionate colleagues in Felixstowe have a strong track record in the handling of all customs procedures across a multitude of products and segments, whilst injecting extensive knowledge of Simplified Procedures, and the handling of Perishable products and their specific controls.

Along with our expertise and the ability to clear at any UK port via any mode of transport, our dedicated UK team have the right tools, authorisations, guarantees and solutions to centralise and simplify your individual customs & trade requirements.

“Our employee`s across Europe truly excelled during a very intense Brexit period. A period where on both sides of the Channel, we worked simultaneously on the same shipment using interfaces to transfer data in the most efficient way. We created a true full-service solution for our customers.

This is just the beginning of the journey for Gaston Schul in the UK. I am very proud of everything we have achieved to date and look forward to further growth within the UK and across Europe.”

Rob Ewalds
I`m very proud to be joining the Gaston Schul family where our customers are at the very heart of our business. We understand that having a reliable customs partner is key, therefore as we prepare to transition away from all easements our engaged team of experts are committed to ensuring our customers Supply Chains remain unbroken. Keeping business`s at the centre of any decision, our teams will design and deliver simple but effective solutions that are fast, efficient, and importantly compliant. After all, why complicate an already complicated world? One Partner, One Solution.”

Justine O’Malley