Major Changes to Import Duties in Switzerland: What you need to Know.

Beginning January 1, 2024, Switzerland will eliminate import duties on a wide range of industrial products coming into the country. This reform aims to reduce costs for businesses importing goods, boost trade and lower prices for consumers.
Major Changes to Import Duties in Switzerland: What you need to Know.

The removal of duties applies to most products in chapters 25 through 97 of Switzerland’s customs tariff, excluding certain agricultural items in chapters 35 and 38. A detailed list of which commodity codes will be affected is available from Swiss Customs and can be found here. (Please note: this list is only available in German.)

For companies importing products to Switzerland, this represents a major change. With the duties abolished, businesses will no longer have to pay the import fees previously applied to industrial goods entering Switzerland. This could lead to significant cost savings.

In addition to eliminating duties, there will be adjustments to some commodity codes used to classify products. These code changes can be found in the transposition table on tab 4 of the document above.

Alongside these adjustments, Swiss Customs has published a FAQ page answering common questions. Businesses importing affected goods should thoroughly review this guidance.

With the implementation date of January 1, 2024 fast approaching, firms need to prepare now. Contact our customs specialists today to ensure your business is ready for these duty and code changes.