Importing from a country outside of the EU? It is very likely that you will deal with the Customs Authorities and will have to make an import declaration.

The worldwide import of goods is growing at breathtaking pace. When importing goods from a country outside of the EU, customs will undoubtedly come into play. As soon as goods enter the EU and they are intended to be used within the EU, you must make a customs declaration. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to resell or move the goods on. In the event of import, the effect of a customs declaration on the logistics cost is negligible, whereas the risk of a delay is significant.

Calculating the correct customs value when goods are imported.

Gaston Schul’s customs specialists are able to assist you with the entire process of releasing goods for free circulation within the EU and ensuring that all legal conditions are met. Before the customs declaration is submitted, we make sure that all necessary documents and certificates are present in order to avoid unnecessary delays in the customs process. We assign the correct commodity code (also known as the HS code or TARIC code) and calculate the import costs based on the customs value.

Once the taxes and import duties due have been paid, the goods will be released. If during importation, the Customs Authorities wish to physically inspect the goods, we will be on hand to assist you in order to minimise delays.

Gaston Schul can assist you with

  • Crafting the right import declaration
  • Ensuring payment of import taxes and VAT via Gaston Schul
  • Examining original documents thoroughly
  • Reducing hold-ups during Customs Authority inspections

Payment of lower or no import duties.

It sounds simple. You import a product, pay import duties and VAT and that’s it. When large or repeated quantities are involved, the costs can quickly add up. Fortunately, our customs specialists are aware of the latest international laws and regulations and will save you money. That is because, in many cases, preferential origin agreements apply. In practice, this means that often no import duties are owed. Our customs specialists will also support you with different practical matters and questions which you will face as an importer.

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